Personal Branding Photography is all about story telling. Visually and uniquely illustrating YOUR business, YOUR story, YOUR products, YOUR services, YOUR values, YOUR customers, YOUR space, and YOUR personality. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it's what makes you unique and interesting. It's kind of like commercial photography, but more focused on WHO makes your company special. It's about illustrating an experience that only YOU can create for your tribe.

CLIENT FEATURE: Tierra Blooms | Taneytown, MD
When planning your personal branding photo shoot... describe the stories you want to share with your audience. Once you feel confident in your stories, break each of them down. Where will each story be located? What props will help to enhance your story? What scenes can you visualize within this story? Think different angles, different props, full-scene, details shots, and the like. These are your compositions, and each staged scene should provide the opportunity for dozens of shots!

CLIENT FEATURE: Dave Stultz | Los Angeles, CA
Your Personal Branding Photos are your most valuable marketing asset... The strongest brands make the most money. Brands are easy to fall in love with when their visuals are beautiful, but you have to utilize those visuals to the max! My best clients use and reuse their photographs on their website, social media, Google My Business, print advertising, press, publication - ALL THINGS ONLINE AND PRINT. And every few years, add some new photos to the mix. I promise you, the ROI is incredible.

CLIENT FEATURE: Local Homestead Products | New Windsor, MD
Personal branding photography is an investment - most customers spend $1,000.00 plus... The BEST investments return over and over again. But like with most investments, you have to do the work. Yes, we have to plan your shoot and execute it... but you have to use your new images incessantly and with strategy in mind. I highly recommend you join the KHP email newsletter - we are always sharing marketing tips with our subscribers!

CLIENT FEATURE: Fern Woods Farm | Hampstead, MD
Incorporate customer stories into your Personal Branding Photography... Someone is always asking for a recommendation... a trustworthy plumber, a fair priced mechanic, a talented florist, a delicious restaurant, a fun podcast, a faster internet service provider... Customer features, reviews, and testimonials speak louder than anything else! Be sure to include your customers in your Personal Branding Photography stories and strategy.


YOUR Story, YOUR Business, YOUR Life

It's time to photograph all that makes you unique.