Promo Video for Local Homestead Products in New Windsor MD

The owners of Local Homestead Products, Victoria & Trevor, are a couple of the best people I know (and I’m so fortunate to be able to call them friends). First off, if you do not know about LHP, or you simply haven’t taken the time to visit them, DO IT ASAP. They have a wonderful market full of locally raised and sourced products… meats, cheeses / dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruits, baked goods, ice cream, candles, jams & jellies, dog treats, raw honey, maple syrup, and much more!

LHP has been kind to hire me for a few photo shoots over the years, and Adam and I thought WHO BETTER to do a video for? Their message is very much about supporting local and responsibly raised foods. Watch the video to learn more, and visit them in New Windsor Maryland the first chance you get!

Local Homestead Products About Us – Produced and Edited by Adam Stultz from Digital Consulting on Vimeo.


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Enjoy a photo outtake from our video shoot!

Special thanks to Victoria Hoff for catching this behind-the-scenes photo!

Clients take candid portraits of Photographer Kelly on Photo Shoot at Local Homestead Products in New Windsor, MD

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