My Staycation Box - Product Photo Shoot Reisterstown Maryland

Michelle Sholund

Reisterstown, Maryland |


When it comes to needing excellent product photos done, using a professional photographer is essential and I highly recommend Kelly. Kelly is great walking you through the whole process offering suggestions regarding the style of the images and making sure the images match the intent of what you hope to use the photos. She has great photo equipment that makes the products pop – no shadows, no dark areas, no shiny spots – just right! Throughout the photo shoot she even shows you the raw images in the camera to ensure the look is what you want and if not adjusts things to make sure it does making sure I am happy with everything at the end of the day. The best part is going through the final images as I caught myself oohing over each image – they all look perfect for a magazine or postcard. I cannot recommend Kelly enough, she knows her stuff!