Headshot candid moment with Kevin Dayhoff - photographer Kelly Heck

Kevin Dayhoff


During the election campaign for Westminster City Council in the spring of 2019, Caroline and I decided to have portrait and branding artist photographer Kelly Heck take a campaign picture for us.

We were so thankful we chose Kelly – she is enormously talented. We really enjoyed working with her. She has a great sense of humor. She is very accessible and approachable. When we arrived at her studio in Taneytown, she was fully prepared, she had great cameras and equipment – all set-up and ready to go. Her excitement was contagious.

Kelly really makes you comfortable and puts you at ease. She runs a very efficient business operation. She gives you very personal individual attention – and she gets back with you in a timely manner for scheduling and coordination. She answers your questions thoroughly. She texts, emails and has a great web portal – her website is really well done and is an adventure all to itself. Kelly walks that fine line between being fun, yet easily understood as a very serious professional artist. Her prices are cost-efficient – especially when you take into consideration the enormous amount of time she puts into getting great pictures.