Advertising Photos for Grass Products at Zoysia Farm Taneytown Maryland

John Ridgway

Taneytown, Maryland | Owner |

I could have caught more than ‘heck’ for doing things so differently the day we met Kelly Heck, but instead we caught lightening in a bottle. Grass is not easy to photograph let alone the boring sequence from box to planting. Traditionally we have done photography in studio to control the light.  Kelly wanted to use the natural light right on our turf farm to capture the natural beauty of the grass and give it the look found in nature. The extra effort required to make it all work was so worth the end result. We are very happy she convinced us to do this. It gave us photographs that were real, not some studio concoction, and a truth and credibility in the presentation of the product as it really is. Things in nature are far from uniform and that is the way the product is now presented on our website. No more over processed photos… just the real thing the way it is. We caught Heck alright and glad we did, and we won’t catch heck from our customers anymore!