Meet Amber Farran – Ballet Dancer Portraits in New Windsor, MD

What a passionate career path without having a little fun and experimentation? That’s just what Amber and I did. Amber and I are about the same age, and she’s been practicing ballet since she was about 4. The only thing I’ve done that long is eat and sleep. Joking aside though, we figured that together we could create something really amazing. Amber, in her professional life, is a degreed artist (she draws and paints like a master!) and she works locally. So, creating this work as a team was pretty awesome, and we had SO much fun.

These portraits were taken around 10pm, so pitch black. I was able to focus by hitting Amber with my car headlights, and we lit her using my travel studio lights. The location  is a private parking lot in the Carroll County, MD area.

Dancer Portrait Taneytown Maryland Kelly Heck Photography

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