Meet Excelsior College Alumni Kelly Garrett, a Trainer of First Responders

Lillie J., Marketing Coordinator at Excelsior College of Albany, New York, called me… after finding Kelly Heck Photography in a Google search for photographers near Emmitsburg, MD – isn’t that cool!?! Together we planned a brief portrait session to feature one of their alumni.

Kelly Garrett, an alumni of Excelsior College, is a First Responder Trainer at the Emergency Management Institute at the Department of Homeland Security – which resides in the little town of Emmitsburg, Maryland! I enjoyed a sneak peek of his challenging responsibilities. Kelly trains Emergency Management Professionals to ensure they are prepared for the difficult job of organizing and managing support efforts following natural disasters so that survivors have access to food, water, shelter, clothing, and transportation.

Kelly Garrett Emergency Management Institute - Excelsior College Student Feature

You can learn more about Kelly Garrett at

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