Meet Annette Danek-Akey from Penguin Random House in Westminster, MD

I met Annette Danek-Akey, Executive Vice President, and her team a while back working on a project for Carroll County Economic Development, so when Erin DiNello (Assistant to the Executive) called a year later for their own internal headshot and portraiture needs I was ecstatic! Erin was a joy to talk to – her father’s passion and career had been a focus in photography, – a mutual love and understanding of photography made our vision and plan for Annette’s portraits truly a team effort.

Better yet, the moment Annette and I started our private portrait session, Annette confessed something marvelous to me:

“I first met Kelly when she photographed me for a feature with a local organization in 2018. Kelly immediately put me at ease with her wonderful disposition and provided me with friendly feedback throughout the entire shoot to ensure I looked my best. I’ve been using her tips for striking the correct pose since and look 200% more fabulous in my photos. When it came time to have updated headshots of me and my executive team, Kelly was the first person I thought of. She is attentive, professional, and captured each member of my team at their best.”

Knowing that my posing tips and techniques have impacted the way Annette approaches having her picture taken, and that she is seeing results (and she also mentioned that others have noticed her new knack for striking an effective pose) – is the ultimate compliment.

My goals in what I do is to help my subjects see that being photographed is not such a scary horrible thing. That someone has taken my tips, applied them on her own, successfully killed her portraits and feels better about her photo experiences is AMAZING!!! And you know the end result? She will exist in more photos.

Penguin Random House LLC Westminster Maryland CEO Annette Danke-Akey

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