ACTION Products 6-Day Product Catalogue Photo Shoot

We photographed and delivered thousands of product shots during this multi-day photo shoot!

ACTION Products, located in Hagerstown, Maryland, manufactures medical products. Our focus at this photo shoot was their lines of products for bariatric and pediatric pressure point protection pads, meant for use on medical tables. They are made of a sensational, secret polymer blend that reminds one of a jello mold!

Though there are thousands of images, these are some of my favorites – it showcases a nice mix of their products, most of which were photographed by individually, but we also took several product family groupings, products with accessories / props, products with a “patient” model, products with a “medical professional”. This variety helps to showcase the correct positioning of patient with pad, how to handle products, as well as the pliability of the polymer. ACTION Products also intends to use some of the shots with models for educational training purposes.

Successful product shoots require a lot of organization and preparation – the team at ACTION Products did such a fantastic job. Because of their efforts behind-the-scenes, we accomplished all we set out to photograph. Now their graphic designer has a world of images to create marketing materials with. I hope that our shoot with them results in a flood of new sales of their unique products.

And this photo shoot was executed in partnership with ArachnidWorks, Inc. in Frederick, Maryland. Their help planning and managing this huge project was integral in our success! Check out their full-service marketing agency for all of your business marketing needs!

Enjoy a look behind-the-scenes!

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