Thrifting is My Addiction

I don’t care for shopping, but I LOVE thriftiness and hunting for treasures on a budget.

When I saw this ad for a “styled subscription box”, I loved the look. In fact, I loved a number of the looks across many of their ads… so this company is doing a great job!

But, here’s the problem… I can’t bring myself to pay the price. I work hard for what I earn, and I prefer to save. So, I revert to visiting my favorite thrift stores with a strong vision in my mind of what I’m looking for. I always have a list of goal pieces to bring home when I go thrifting – the success rate is pretty high when you thrift with both vision and focus! Two thrift stops later, I remade the outfit to my satisfaction, as well as several other similar pieces to help make my new wardrobe collection a little more simplistic and adult.


Kelly Heck Photography Thrift Your Wardrobe  Kelly Heck Photography Thrift Your Wardrobe

There’s no question of who wore it better – the model in the ad is a professional at looking good, lol! But the company’s stylish products average $60.00 each, from what I read!!! Yikes! My outfit from all the clothing you can see… blouse, sweater (which is ungodly soft) and jeans (including shoes & purse, which I already had but I’m factoring in) were roughly under $20.00 for EVERYTHING. That’s an average of $4.00 per item. Ca-ching!

If you haven’t given thrifting a chance, I highly recommend you do. Especially if you are in need of a style or age appropriate update. Whether your update is intended for fun, for work, or in preparation for a future portrait photo shoot, you will have fun!!! Plus, learn what your favorite thrift store “specials” are – I always hunt for the tag-color that is half off, or visit on Senior Citizen Discount day with my Mom as my side-kick!

Why was I updating my wardrobe?

My closet was full of wild patterns and bright colors, and of course your classic blacks. But those wild patterns don’t photograph well, and I felt they were becoming a little too juvenile. So I did a pretty heavy Marie-Kondo-Style closet cleanse and decided to put my “what to wear” rules to the test. Here are my 4 Filtering Factors to declutter your closet, pick your next outfit, and/or what to hunt for when thrifting:

What To Wear: 4 Filtering Factors to You Next Best Outfit

1. Clothing pieces that make you feel amazing

2. Properly sized, form-fitted pieces

3. Solid colors and simple patterns

4. Medium & dark tones, neutral, and jewel tones

The rules can always be broken, but this is a safe starting point for a timeless style.

You can see from this swatch shot that I chose a lot of medium to dark tones, both muted neutral shades and jewel tones. I am thrilled with my haul of new clothing pieces. They are all in great shape (no stains, no pilling, no rips or holes of any sort). What I love about thrifting regularly is that you get fast at it. I know what fabrics, cuts, and styles I like, especially when it comes to dress pants and jeans. So I can look through thousands of items at a glance to find what I’m hunting for. And thrift stores often have endless styles and time periods, so you aren’t limited to what your department store carries.

What to Wear - new wardrobe collection thrifted on a budget - what to wear to look your best in photographs and portraits with Kelly Heck Photography

Get out there, hunt for some treasure, and let me know:
– what your vision was.
– what goodies you snagged.
– and how little you spent!

If you are already a thrifting-pro,
what are your favorite thrift stores to visit regularly?


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