May I Introduce… Faith, an Intern with Kelly Heck Photography

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FAITH! Faith is a senior and a student at Francis Scott Key High School, and she is participating in the FSK Internship program.

Evenlyn Faith Haines - Francis Scott Key High School Internship Program | Kelly Heck Photography Internship Opportunities

I will allow Faith to introduce herself:

“Howdy! Many may not know, but for the 2019-2020 school year I landed an internship as social media marketing intern for KHP, and it’s been totally awesome! I work remotely from my high school, Francis Scott Key, and I help manage all KHP social media accounts, which includes photo picking as well as caption writing, and soon I will begin writing blog posts as well. I also plan to assist Kelly at networking events (that I can attend). So, if you see a youngin’ with long dark hair by her side, that’s me!

Our genesis is actually quite interesting. Juniors at FSK must complete mock interviews in the spring to prepare us for the real world, and for my mock interview, I got Kelly! This was her first year volunteering for FSK Mock Interviews, and boy, am I glad she was there! We hit it off and a few months later Kelly came to FSK’s career coordinator looking for a social media marketing intern, and I got the job!

To get to know a little more about me, I’m a total bookworm! I love everything bookish. This passion for reading fuels my love for writing as well. I helped create my school’s online newspaper and one parameter of my internship with Kelly is also writing blog posts, so keep your eyes peeled.

This is such an amazing opportunity that I am still so eternally grateful for. Experience is such an important part of life as is growth and education. Through this internship, I am gaining newfound skills that could not be obtained in a classroom setting. This has been a fantastic experience so far and I absolutely cannot wait to see where this takes me and the doors that are opened. Cheers to the future!

Faith knocked-my-socks-off at the Mock Interviews. Her professionalism inspired me to reach out to Jennifer Adcock, Career Connections Coordinator at FSK. I had hoped she could pair me with someone as down to earth and dedicated as Faith, but I never expected we would end up being paired ourselves! I’ve put a lot on Faith’s shoulders for the school year, and I am excited to see how the year progresses!

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