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As an entrepreneur, there are never TOO many ways to promote, market, and hustle my business.

Over the years I have kept an updated a list of FREE Community Calendars (calendars that welcome free event submissions from you and me) and points of contact for press and publication purposes. Please market your events! Please share your press-worthy news! Following I also share a list of local business resources, local business organizations (and their related networking events), and my favorite Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips - please use them to grow your business and build up your online presence.

These resources are brought to you, by me, and I hope they help you grow and prosper!

Photography Freebie - Camera Exposure Settings Explained by Kelly Heck Photography

FREE White Paper: Exposure Explained

Is your camera's manual setting leaving you puzzled? This white paper goes over all three camera settings that make up your exposure: Aperture (often referred to as F-Stop), Shutter Speed, and ISO (often referred to as Film Speed or Film Sensitivity). Learn how the various settings affect light input and the artistry of your every photograph! Plus, learn how to push your creativity by understanding and using Levels and Histograms to your advantage!

Click the graphic to download the PDF white paper "Exposure Explained" now!