4 Tips To Create Imagery That Tells Your Unique Brand’s Story

Hey guys, today I want to talk to you about a topic that may shift your perspective on marketing, especially how it relates to the images you market with… Many of you, my lovely followers, are entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers that need to create unique content that shares your brand’s story with the world. A portfolio of imagery for your marketing takes a significant amount of … Read More

5 Tips To Make Your Photos Web Friendly

In my mindset, every marketing effort taken should be made with the ROI in mind – “Return On Investment”… Time and money are two things that disappear quickly, so I want to make sure every second and every penny is used wisely. And to do that, I utilize Organic SEO – “Search Engine Optimization”. I get leads, and book photo … Read More


The last several months have been all about how to look your very best, through tips on achieving a genuine smile… posing … finding beautiful light… color choices… what to wear… camera angles… hair and makeup… pampering yourself… communicating your goals… now it’s time for the final ingredient of your delicious new photos… CONFIDENCE. What’s the most frequent comment my clients make? “I HATE having my photo taken…” This is … Read More

Communicate Your Goals for a Successful Photo Shoot

Let’s have a typical “new client lead” conversation… Potential Client: *ring* *ring* Kelly: “Hi, Kelly speaking…” Potential Client: “Hi, I need a photographer!” Kelly: “I’m your girl! I’d love to help. What kind of photography do you need?” Potential Client: “A portrait.” Now is the time where I get all excited and start asking questions… What’s your portrait for? How will your portrait be used? … Read More

15 Tips to Prepare Your Body & Mind for Photo Day

Instead of doing dishes and laundry tonight, wouldn’t it be nice to hear that your homework is a night of pampering? Well that’s just what you need to do leading up to a photo shoot. Pamper Time – You’re Welcome Love, your PHOTOG.   – THE WEEK BEFORE – 1. Freshen up that HAIR.  Touch up your roots, and consider … Read More

Camera-Ready Hair & Makeup Tips

In addition to every-day tips, there are photo-specific makeup and hair tips that might change your regular morning routine before a portrait session. From when to schedule your root-touch-ups and trims, to what makeup techniques make you look younger, pick and choose what you do to look your very best. At the end, we’ll also hear from the salon experts at Elements … Read More

Tips for Flattering Positioning Between YOU and the Camera

When you hear “selfie”, what image do you envision? I see a goofy looking subject, holding a phone high, positioning it on a down angle… probably making pursed lips or some sort of goofy face, flashing a peace sign or other hand-gesture. This “pose” may seem cliche, but we can learn something from the “classic selfie” that many of us … Read More

7 Attire & Accessory Tips – What to Wear to Look Your Best

Last month we talked all about selecting a flattering color pallet. In this article, we’ll apply that color pallet to your clothing choices. I don’t know about you guys, but girls, don’t you feel like this ALL THE TIME. Picking out what to wear day-to-day is hard enough. Picking an outfit for a photo session can feel like you have to … Read More

Picking Your Perfect Color Pallet

“What should I wear?” Photographers want their lovely subjects want to look their very best. Wondering what you to wear begins with what color pallet you plan to rock at your photo session. So what works and what doesn’t? It all depends on… EVERYTHING! The type of photo session, the location, the backdrop, your style, your skin tones, and whatever colors … Read More

Finding Beautiful Light ANYWHERE

The last couple months we covered posing / positioning, from capturing a genuine smile and several tips on head positioning, to the perfect poses for your body, arms, and legs. But without the proper lighting, you can pull out every posing trick in the book and still have a poor photograph. So today we’re going to talk about how to find beautiful light, … Read More

It’s All About Angles – Body Positioning

Last month we talked all about capturing a genuine smile and several tips on head positioning, today we’re going to zoom out and talk about the full figure from head to toe. The camera adds 10 pounds they say… I think it adds more like 30 pounds. Let’s figure out how to shave off some of that unwelcomed fake-weight. THE TORSO. Want … Read More

It’s All About Angles – The SMILE & Head Positioning

Over the coming months, I will share various tips and tricks to look your very best in photos, and each month will focus on ONE of 10 specific areas of posing, style, and photo shoot preparation. So let’s dive right in! Ah, the trick to getting that perfect smile, tilt, and twist – all great portraits start with the face … Read More

Ignite Carroll 2017 – Posing Dos & Don’ts: A Photographer’s Selfie Guide to Hiding 10-20 Pounds

I presented to a live audience a couple months ago!! This being my second appearance at Ignite Carroll, I decided to talk about a topic we can all appreciate: how to look your best in photographs. And I don’t think I disappointed my audience! I gave several bits of advice that the audience could apply to every day photo ops, … Read More