The Importance of Professional Photography & Branding for Your Business

Your audience wants to connect with YOU. Photography (and videography) are the best tools to foster that connection. And as business continues to move online, the importance of quality photography continues to skyrocket. Visual media makes a noticeable impact time and time again. Marketing your business with real, true photographs of you, your business, your team, your products, your services, … Read More

What is the “Rule of Thirds” and how I used it in every Photo Shoot

Many cameras and most smartphones offer the option to display a grid over your viewfinder, and for good reason. The “Rule of Thirds” is a golden rule for composition in photography, fine art, and graphic design. So what is “The Rule of Thirds” in photography? In photography, the rule of thirds is a method of composing the subjects in your photograph. The frame … Read More

How to Hire a Professional Photographer for My Business

7 Questions to Plan a Successful Photo Shoot Photographs are a must-have in any marketing plan. You’ve built and nurtured your business, so it is important that you partner with a photographer that understands your needs. How do you go about finding and hiring the RIGHT photographer? Unsurprisingly, the number one question that inquiries can think to ask is “how … Read More

4 Ways to Look Your Best on Video Call Applications

Hi guys! I’m Kelly Heck, and B2B photographer in the central Maryland area, and I love helping entrepreneurs and business owners look their absolute best! Lighting is my first love, but great lighting is not just limited to photography… Video calls are becoming more and more popular, especially with COVID-19 pushing work-from-home. We have access to many free video call … Read More

4 Ways Utilizing Your Photos & Video in Instagram Stories Can Improve Your Profile

Instagram is an incredible platform to showcase photographs that represent you and your business and/or interests. An interactive addition to Instagram is Instagram Stories, paired with Story Highlights. Story Highlights create an easy way to archive and categorize your favorite story posts to last forever as well as add a personal touch to your Instagram profile! Instagram Stories is a … Read More

Personal Brand Photography: 6 Story Ideas to Stage for a Staffing Agency Photoshoot

We all need to market ourselves like experts in this over-saturated world, but it’s easy to get hung-up on what to photograph. I LOVE Personal Branding Photography. And I feel that the best way to market yourself is through photography. I’m not biased at all. ūüôā As a professional photographer, my recommendation is to brainstorm scenarios that would help tell … Read More

It’s ALL In The Details – Using Photographs to Tell Your Story

Much of your story is in hidden in the details. My dad is a woodturner. He takes blocks of wood and “turns” them into gorgeous bowls, ornaments, writing pens, and other handcrafted products. Dad posts photos of his finished pieces on his shop and his website, (which I just redesigned for him). Until very recently, my Dad only … Read More

Thrifting is My Addiction

I don’t care for shopping, but I LOVE thriftiness and hunting for treasures on a budget. When I saw this ad for a “styled subscription box”, I loved the look. In fact, I loved a number of the looks across many of their ads… so this company is doing a great job! But, here’s the problem… I can’t bring myself … Read More

Create Engaging Marketing Pieces with YOUR Photos on

This week I have made a Facebook page banner, Facebook event banners,¬†Instagram graphics, an email header, a photo collage, a flyer that I needed in printable¬†PDF as well as JPEG formats… And I did it all without an image editing¬†program. For a few years now, I have been using a website,¬†¬†along with¬†my other arsenal of image editing and design tools. … Read More

4 Tips To Create Imagery That Tells Your Unique Brand’s Story

Hey guys, today I want to talk to you about a topic that may shift your¬†perspective on marketing, especially how it relates to the images you¬†market with… Many of you, my lovely followers, are¬†entrepreneurs,¬†influencers, bloggers that need to create unique content that shares your brand’s story with the world.¬†A portfolio of imagery for your marketing takes a significant amount of … Read More

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