Dave Stultz Introduces me to Charm City Helecopters in Baltimore, MD

During his visit to Carroll County, MD, Dave Stultz took me to a company in Baltimore – Charm City Helicopters. They offer helicopter tours, and other helicopter services. A friend of his also joined in the shoot, and was kind enough to bring his gorgeous neon orange McClaren! This photoshoot was to highlight partnership – you can see more of … Read More

Meet Dave Stultz of The Fearless Man in Los Angeles, California

Dave Stultz, also knows as The Fearless Man, reached out for some updated portraits. New Windsor, Maryland is Dave’s hometown, so we planned his portrait session around a visit homeward. The goal was to develop a a collection of urban setting lifestyle portraits to incorporate in his marketing. We scouted out locations around Carroll County and settled on three that would … Read More


The last several months have been all about how to look your very best, through tips on achieving a genuine smile… posing … finding beautiful light… color choices… what to wear… camera angles… hair and makeup… pampering yourself… communicating your goals… now it’s time for the final ingredient of your delicious new photos… CONFIDENCE. What’s the most frequent comment my clients make? “I HATE having my photo taken…” This is … Read More

Butcher Portraits at Maurer & Miller Meats – A Photoshoot to Celebrate Retirement

My dear friend Amber (remember, Amber, the incredible ballet dancer?) asked me out to her family butcher shop, Maurer & Miller Meats (also commonly referred to as M & M Meats) in Hampstead, Maryland. It is time for these fine three men to retire and relax, and she wanted to preserve her father’s legacy. Amber’s cousins decided to join in … Read More

Local Homestead Products OPENS New Greenhouse in New Windsor, MD

I love love LOVE the owners over at Local Homestead Products (LHP) in New Windsor, Maryland. Victoria & Trevor are the definition of friendly neighbors… they have a top notch business offering beautiful and delicious (locally grown and responsibly raised) products and they often give back to the community. They always welcome guests with a smile and a warm feeling … Read More

Communicate Your Goals for a Successful Photo Shoot

Let’s have a typical “new client lead” conversation… Potential Client: *ring* *ring* Kelly: “Hi, Kelly speaking…” Potential Client: “Hi, I need a photographer!” Kelly: “I’m your girl! I’d love to help. What kind of photography do you need?” Potential Client: “A portrait.” Now is the time where I get all excited and start asking questions… What’s your portrait for? How will your portrait be used? … Read More

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